Prayer for Life

Change happens with a positive attitude;
Belief allows Us to move forward each Day;
We understand that this Life is all we have,
and it is our wish to leave a better World for our Children.

God’s Family is all encompassing but it takes each of us to share
that knowledge by providing the support possible that is within
each of our means without imposing our Belief.

Let us #UniteAgainstHate to provide an alternative solution
to those who feel marginalized and seek an new Identity as
a way to be Heard and to be part of a new Family.

We pray to you our God to make us strong in our Belief and
to help us sustain our positive Attitude to make a real difference
to All of those we touch each Day.

Try to understand the roots of radicalism please read http://bit.ly/1X414mx by Kirstin Kelley (@KirstinKelley1).

Open your hearts and help those in need to deal with propaganda and claims that do not have foundation in any belief.

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