Early or late, it does provide something. The smell, the taste, the warmth, the company and the place all combine to suggest that there is a need for more.

But when you want more and then have too much, does it becomes bitter, not dissimilar to other things  in life? Why then, do we not stop to want or forget the last time it didn’t taste well or the hole in the stomach it burnt? I’m sure you know that having it in company is what makes the taste richer.

How much of what we do is habit and without much thought ? Being able to do so, makes us function more efficiently, yet also takes away the opportunity to engage with our environment, our partner and peers. 

The coffee, different for the opportunity to enjoy the pause to sit and engage (not with your phone), to listen (not only to that noise in your head) and to embrace the situation for what it is. Although we are uniquely programmed to plan ahead, there is a time for that and another time for enjoying the moment you are in.

So, walk out, find a place where coffee meets people and engage. We are on the way to meet Juergen and Maria.

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