Yet it is better than being at the bottom and the wave breaks over you, or being behind the crest having missed the wave.

A close friend reminded me today that the middle provides a good balance between #hope and #fear. Both are valid and if you see fear as a counsellor and hope as your continuing aspirations that middle allows you to search for progress without loosing touch with reality.

The definition of what you deem progress is quite personal even if, at times, you are tempted to compare such change with that of your peers. You have to be comfortable within yourself and no comparison will achieve that. Reaching out from a strong #belief is good for you and others that benefit from your insights and help. Doing so without any need for return means you are growing towards #self-actualisation and the promise you seek to fulfill.

BUT don’t forget, you are on a wave that can break anytime and ups and downs are normal even when we prefer stability all the time.

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