There are many variations of the story. I like http://philipchircop.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/get-off-the-nail/

Clearly visible was a nail that must be hurting him when he lies down. Yet he still does. When asked why the dog still lies on that nail, the owner remarked that it is probably not hurting enough.

There are many reasons why we accept some discomfort or #pain before eventually making the change we would have been considering for a long period. Sometime we are too lazy, too comfortable with the rest of the bed we are lying on, or sometimes dependent on that Hand that is feeding us. 

What does it take to make us change? It is not the individual action or hurt but nearly always the accumulation of pain with a seemingly insignificant last straw. That straw can be broken by a friend pulling or the offender pushing just that last time.

Bruce van Horn (@BruceVH) tweeted about HOPE as Hold On Pain Ends, and yes it always does. What you need to determine is whether you end the pain and move away from that nail or not. One can see reports of ladies being clearly assaulted but staying with their spouse or friend. The interdependency created by the mind or money is one that must be broken to move away or there is no HOPE.

The sad story of the passing Robin William this week illustrates that even when you seemingly have everything, the mind’s illusions are more than real. Some find peace in death and most wish for peace in life. 

And yes, it is your choice.

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