You are #responsible for its use whether you like it or not.

Driving along Sandton Drive I can chose to drive 70 and not follow the average 90 that my fellow travelers prefer. In a second I can speed up or slow down. If traffic is high, obviously I need to travel slower and try keeping distance to the car in front which usually means some other car squeezes in. I’m not prone to road rages and can fall back easily to let those that are in a rush ( to get nowhere quicker) through. Years of driving experience make that easier.

Machines become extensions of how we behave and whom we impact. Just think of the e-mail you sent to everyone in the company that you wish to take back. Similarly, one see’s tweets and posts on Facebook that expose that second you express your feelings and thoughts, without any barrier. Many careers have been ended but then you aimed the weapon at yourself as well.

How often do you provide staff access to software to support their work. Every day! How often are the staff members trained and supported by experienced internal and (if necessary) external skill that enable proper use of the tools. Mmh, let me get back to you on that one. 

You would know that tools get updated all the time. Do you re-certify staff members using software periodically? Yeah, we are working on that but budgets, you know ….

If you think of an F 14 fighter plane you would expect 1000’s hours of training in simulators and the plane before the pilot is found to be fit to lead rather than follow. And a lot more training before aim is taken with lethal weapons.

Printed press is another example of aiming at something or someone who will not have the same means to defend statements made. Freedom of press is extremely powerful and therefore comes with responsibility and hopefully also with lots of training as to how to aim that F14.

Voting for new parties is one thing, while training the elected, especially if new to that office, will require ongoing dedicated support. The electorate is not going away and disillusionment will stay unless the fundamentals change. 

And let’s not forget, an F 14 in untrained hands is still lethal. So what lethal weapon is in your hands today?

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