As #Joni Mitchell’s song goes “O, I have looked at #life from both sides, now, from win and lose and still somehow it’s life’s #illusions I recall, I really don’t know life at all”.

In nature one can see fruit growing with different colours (IMG_0455 1) depending on the side on which the sun shines. That does change as seasons change and the angle and power of the sun change. This is different across the world and in each space you find yourself in.

Is it not odd that we expect things to proceed on a predictable path but as they unfold they usually vary significantly from our expectations. Is it because we simply look at the better side of the cloud (as optimists) or the downside of rain and snow (as pessimists) and forget that an insignificant part of reality is in our control. The more variables the problem or situation have the less control we are likely to exercise.

The Ying/Yang lives in complementary but opposite parts of one whole. The beach is separated from the sea by the shoreline which moves all the time. Is it therefore not also our lack of multiple perspectives that makes us blind to the process that connects the parts to the whole.

Whichever position or perspective happens to be true for you, experiencing the other perspective certainly is more painful than theoretically adopting such. I do not suggest that one has to experience death in order to live or lose a loved one, but when you do the understanding of the whole becomes more pronounced.

Experiencing financial loss is something most have done, facing liquidity strain many have done, while few face liquidation orders and issuing such is just a variation of that situation. It used to be true that one can only lose money that one has. Nowadays, leverage multiplies the loss and spreads it because you still can’t pay back what you don’t have. But saying “it is just money” is a very big step as it does pay for the food.

So what does it mean to you to having seen life from both sides remembering that there is also “something gained by living every day”. It is how you deal with the challenges and new opportunities they can bring that differentiates you. Do so with your family and friends as they are part of what makes you whole and that will make the steps more certain although not easier in themselves.

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