We can see ourselves as #shadows on the wall, the things we have as borrowed, and will use time as the only thing that we don’t have to give back. Yet time is precious and spending it with those who make us feel like no shadow and think of us as as more than a source of things provides the essence to striving to be what we can become.

.. .. but although time is not borrowed until it feels like it is about to run out, it is the one thing we need to ‘live’ in most.
A shadow is something that I can not see without light, while things I can not feel leave me without my senses. It is time that drifts by if I am not able to act on what i cannot see or feel.
Very #philosophical meandering, isn’t it? So, what gets you to act if you can not see or feel? 
Yet, some are able to act and that is what distinguishes them from nature. Their ability to correct and guide based on actions and reactions of others is what elevates them to be #leaders that others follow. There is nothing that replaces #experience of having been wrong but without acting  you will not know that and learning is based on acting not on thinking about acting.

“Responsibility is the price of greatness” (Churchill) and making yourself #accountable for a portion of delivery towards the new South Africa is what differentiates those who talk and those who do what they say. 

So do you see yourself as a shadow or does your shadow follow you?


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