If the shortcut was the right way, the highway would be next to it

Langenhoven ( thanks Schalk)

Quite often the shortest way or easiest way of dealing with a problem  does not provide a #sustainable solution. Having said that innovators find shorter and better (often defined based in economics terms  or by looking at lower consumption of energy) ways to deliver their product or service to the market. 
Economics then demand volume to gain maximum benefit to the Individual, corporate and society. In that way the highway is usually the shortest economic way to the destination.
This does not change when one considers the highway a public good available to all. The discussion does become interesting when a portion of the population pays for the public good and all benefit from it, e.g. as is the case with taxes and general healthcare.
The subject becomes emotive when the use of highway becomes delimited by the ability of users to pay e.g paid tolls, medical aid contributions open the highway yet exclude equal access to others. There is no easy solution as there is no way that there will ever be equal earning capability across the worlds population. It would be the shortest way to allow use only owing to your capability to pay but that will also never be the highway as that would exclude substantial portions of the populations and therefore not sustainable. 
Although economic systems thrive on capability to pay, political systems thrive on the ability to share the ‘spoils’ more evenly. Neither is sustainable without the other and balance is what a good Government must achieve independently of #political promises and the economic man’s need.
In that context, I wish #wisdom on the new governments and corporate’s alike and continued passion and energy to those NGO’s who provide impetus to these players for balance in choosing the shortcuts and highways that we all need to survive. Corporate’s are advised to take a stance that is well communicated. If they chose not to do anything they would still be perceived as having taken a position and interpretation by others and the public usually is difficult to correct.
So, what is your shortcut today?


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