Do you think the lion looses sleep over what the sheep thinks of it?

– Facebook quote ( thanks Hennie).
Too often we impose our perspective on others, while we like to think we are the lion and find ourself being the sheep.
Both the lion as predator and the sheep as alternative to game have a place in our natural society. We have to challenge  our assumption that human’s stand above the laws of nature.  When one observes corporate take overs there is a clear role for the stuffee and the stuffor, or more choice words if you prefer.
At an individual level, power is clearly linked to hierarchy and status is quite often attached to power. Therefore, you would acknowledge that the lion thinks itself in power and you need to decide whether your function is one of lamb that serves the requirements of the natural order. It is quite normal that we justify that order in monetary terms and other rewards yet may feel that we are getting eaten by the demands imposed. 
The order doesn’t change outside the corporate part of our lives although we usually find a better balance with our life partners in order to think that we succeed (without wanting to define success in any way).
So it remains to ask whether you, today, felt like the lion or the lamb and to remind you that tomorrow it may be the other way around. So please use your power carefully and with #respect as you wish others to deal with you.


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