…  to Tennis

In tennis one can prepare for the next match by practicing a particular cross-court shot, lob or down the line stroke, depending on the weaknesses of an opponent in the next match (thanks Hennie for the analogy). That short-term practice could pay off for that match BUT does generally not embed the required skill to have these shots all the time and without resorting to ‘new’ thinking. If one takes Malcolm Gladwell’s 10 000 hour rule, embedding takes a LOT of practice and perservance before it become second nature.
Similarly, in companies there is a short-term upside in choosing tactical approached to situations that demand instant resolution. However, wherever the situation requires embedding into organisational processes a more considered approach is necessary. This is not to say that the solution itself has to be different, yet embedding such into processes which becomes ‘ a way we do things around here’ does require a more inclusive approach. That approach provides for input by those affected, buy-in to the solution itself and then implementation on an on-going basis.
You may say what happens to the 10 000 hour rule? The combined experience required to chose an appropriate solution usually exceeds this quantum – we just need to use the experts that have seen it before and modify that experience for current context and use capabilities of technologies to provide potential for rearranging value chains. That, however, does take time and an ability to facilitate and extract knowledge  across such multiple experts. There are methodologies/processes such as ‘tacit object modeling’ that capture variables based on expert input and others such as Eidos that enable concept modeling and support to understanding the structure of a problem before going on to solve that.
Where the expert’s knowledge is embedded, instant decision-making is possible and in certain instances absolutely necessary. Simon from Genesis wrote an excellent review of instant decision making versus the right time to make a Decision using Tennis as analogy , https://bit.ly/MRf7BW – i found it worthwhile clicking through to linked FT article as well.

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